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I understand how important it is to protect yourself from the many scams out there. Please feel free to look me up. You can also email me for a list of references.

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Hello, My name is Madisen Papineau. I work with my mother, Jennifer Frost, to bring beautiful and healthy puppies to you and families like yours. I have five years of experience, and I'm working hard every day to educate myself in all the latest scientific advancements in pet wellness and breeding.
My dogs are OFA hip and elbow certified. I use stud service as of now (2020) but am already raising my own studs. For now, I hire stud service from Northwest Labradors.
I intend to breed like colors so that I can have a confident idea of what color the litters will be.
I work closely with my vet here in the Walla Walla Valley to ensure the health of my dogs and their litters. I use Mill Creek Animal Hospital for my dog's primary care.
My husband and I live on the Frost Farm in Umapine, Oregon. We currently have no children. We are active in our church, as my husband is the Administrative Pastor. The youth group often comes out to the house where the pups get lots of love and attention (age appropriately).
Labradors are my life. I have dedicated my days to their wellbeing. Raising Labradors is something I choose to do full time. They say to "do what you love," and I do.